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    Our Top Priorities for Your Glass Work

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    Quality + Safety

    We are committed to providing the best quality work with your safety in mind. This is why we work with the best people and manufacturers.

    We know that choosing a glasswork company for your car or truck feels like throwing darts at a target blind. How do you know you're getting great work that is done the right way, and with your safety in mind? While we have an excellent track record for our work, and 20+ years of experience in this industry, you want to know you can trust us. We get it.


    • High-Quality Work
    • Top-Notch Materials
    • Experienced Professionals
    • Praise Worth Pricing
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    Mobile + Price

    Your busy lifestyle is no match for our services. We are a mobile-friendly business offering the best pricing in glass work around.
    The trouble with car and truck glass is that you are usually right in the middle of something when your glass breaks or cracks. If you're on the way to work or an appointment, we can schedule a time to connect with you and get your glass repaired or replaced. It's inconvenient having to drive to a shop and wait around for an hour or more for your repair. We come to you with what we need to take care of your predicament. We also take great care in getting you the best price through our established manufacturing partners.


    • We can come to your home while you tend to your home business or family.
    • Mobile services throughout Gilbert, Arizona
    • We have dependable and proven manufactures with great glass products.
    • Our prices are based on both quality and longevity, so you get the best product for your budget.
    Glasswork Services

    Gilbert Car and Truck Glass Repair

    Learn more about types of repairs we take on for our Gilbert, Arizona community.
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    Windshield Replacement + Repair

    The dangers of driving with a damaged windshield are enough to scare anyone. The obvious danger is how it affects your visibility when driving. Both small and large crack damages will impact the structural integrity of your car if you're in a front end collision. This could actually affect how well your airbags work, if at all. Your windshield is also a support structure in the unlikely event you are in an overturned vehicle. To avoid these potentially catastrophic events, we are available for windshield repair and replacement.

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    Windshield Calibration

    If you've had your windshield replaced or have been an accident and are not sure the safety standards are being met, we can do a calibration test. This test ensures the windshield meets ADAS to OEM specifications and will protect you, especially in warranty claims. This test is done in conjunction with cameras and will make sure your sensors are all working properly. If your onboard cameras or sensors don't seem to be working correctly, this might be your problem.

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    Rear Glass Replacements

    Back window replacements are done similarly to windshields. While these windows may not seem as important as your front or side windows, think again. You need this window to help maintain the structure of your car's strength because everything is built to work together to keep passengers safe. You'll also want this window replaced to help you with frost or condensation build-up making visibility more difficult. Those little fine wires in the window could take out the entire rear window and you won't know that until you're unable to see out of it.

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    Window Replacement

    We are more than windshields here at Super Duty Services. We can handle just about any window you have in your car. This will include your driver and passenger glass, but also quarter panel, sunroof or moonroof structures as well. Don't worry about your power windows. We have extensive knowledge about removing, repairing, and dealing with the regulator mechanisms in your doors. Don't drive around with broken or shattered glass. This is a safety issue for you and your family. Call us today.

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    Window Tinting

    Need a cosmetic upgrade to your windows? We can add window tinting your vehicle if you want to add a layer of privacy and security to your car or truck. We can do just driver and passenger windows or treat your vehicle's entire glass package. Our tint is calibrated to be legal and long-wearing. We will explain how best to care for your tinted windows and you'll get to choose your level of tint with our services. If you've always wanted to try window tinting but you're unsure because of a bad job you saw years ago, talk to us today. Window tint has changed significantly in just the past 5 years.

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    Insurance Coordination

    Insurance companies often handle many car and truck window complications. We will work with your insurance company to get your windows cared for and repaired. It's in the best interest of your insurance company to cover your glass because it means you are caring for the car, and it won't contribute to other dangerous problems on the road. Don't worry if you have never had to go through this process before, we will walk you through it and handle most of the leg work.

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    Our Mobile Service

    Serving Gilbert, AZ

    Don't see your community listed? Just call and ask us.

    It's our mission to serve as many Gilbert residents as possible. No one wants you and your family in a compromised situation with broken car or truck glass.

    Glass Repair

    North Gilbert

    From the El Dorado Lake community to Greenfield Park and Tone Ranch Estates, we serve this community with superior glass labor and materials. We spend a lot of time serving this area. If you're unsure if we serve your particular community, please just give us a call and we can let you know.


    Car and Truck Glass

    Central Gilbert

    From The Islands to Gateway Pointe Industrial Park we serve central Gilbert with various car and truck glass repairs or replacements. No need to drive to us as we have a mobile unit who can head to your home or place of business. Unsure if we serve your neighborhood? Please give us a call and connect with us, so we can let you know immediately.


    Auto Glass Repair

    South Gilbert

    We also serve the Felty Farms to Santan Lakeside Estates with auto glass repairs for windshields, rear glass, windows, doors, and more. This area is further out from our normal area, so we may need more advanced notice for mobile services. Please contact us today to learn more.

    Have questions about our coverage areas?

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      Questions About Auto Glass?

      Our Most Asked Questions

      Will insurance cover my windshield?

      Chances are, yes. This isn't a blanket statement, however. We will see what your deductible is and the parameters your insurance places on your particular policy.

      How long does a repair or replacement take?

      For small repairs, they can take a little as an hour. But for full replacements, they can take longer depending on how complicated your vehicle is. But don't fear, we can do this while you're at work or at home tending your life.

      Do you have a warranty?

      Yes, we have a lifetime warranty on our labor. If anything goes wrong with your repair or replacement on the workmanship, we will cover it 100%.

      Can you do treated glass that's tinted?

      Absolutely. This may take a little longer to acquire your particular model or part, but we work with the best manufacturers. They are fast and we will schedule your replacement when the material is in, and won't keep your car while we wait.

      What if my windshield is a special order model?

      Great question. We see many types of windshields that have high-end heating elements in them. Most are on luxury models and makes. While we may not have yours in stock, we will locate and order your windows quickly so we can get you back on the road fast.

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