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Are you looking for an auto glass replacement? Here at Gilbert Windshield Repair, we offer the highest quality glass repairs and replacements because we work with the best glass manufacturers in the business! Our glass replacing technicians know how daunting it feels to need such an important part of your car replaced, so they will make you feel well taken care of from start to finish. Our team is quick to respond and even quicker with the best results, so don't wait, call now.



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    Signs It Is Time for A New Windshield

    Gilbert Windshield Repair

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    Our team offers a lifetime warranty on the work we do on your car or truck, so if the signs are telling you it is time for a new windshield, don't wait. After 20-years of glass experience, our team will provide the best cash pricing and unmatchable quality of work that you can always count on. So, when you see signs that your windshield needs replacing, don't nervous, simply call the professionals. Some of the most ignored issues with windshields that mean you need a replacement include but are not limited to:

    • Cracks, chips, and/or scratches! Our ability to properly navigate the roads while driving is the most important part of driving. These issues can impair your vision and ultimately impair your driving.
    • Upcoming vehicle inspections can be reason enough to get a jump on replacements and repairs that you've been putting off!
    • At the end of winter, most windshields look a little different. Cold weather can wreak havoc on your windshield, depending on how wet and cold the winter was.
    • Having a piece of windshield missing may seem obvious that you need a vehicle replacement, but people learn to live with it! When it comes to your car, don't, call us to replace it immediately.
    • The last repair not working can be a fantastic reason to look us up!
    • And so much more!
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    Greater Safety

    Having your windshield replaced by our team ensures your safety, the safety of those on the road with you, and the safety of the loved ones in your vehicle. We offer affordable windshield replacements and quick turnaround time. It's not just about seeing the roads, having your windshield replaced is also a precaution to ensure your delicate or old glass doesn't shatter while you're driving down the highway! Higher the professionals to eliminate the worry and the potential for danger.

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    Fast Service

    Herewith us, you won't be stuck for the entire day and we won't keep your car longer than we have too. We understand that many of our potential clients are nervous about having to leave their car with our technicians for hours on end, but that is simply not the case. We will not take more than a couple of hours for replacement and will leave the windshield shiny and new, with no fingerprints or smudges.

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    Avoid More Damage

    Sometimes, a crack or a scratch just isn't bad enough to even warrant some of our clients calling us to check! This is a common mistake that always leads to much more damage. Cracks and scratches spread on windshields and you risk have an impaired vision while driving, glass shattering, or causing an accident due to your attention being drawn to the mishap on the glass itself. Get your windshield glass replacement with us!

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    Don't Pay A Fine

    The thing is, it is illegal to drive down the road with a large crack on your windshield, even if it is not impairing your driving in any way. There is a fine and it is expensive! Avoid being pulled over by police for an issue that we make easy. Call our team to get started with an affordable windshield replacement.

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    No Vehicle is Out

    We service everyone! Large, small, and beyond. We use the latest trends, technology, and experience to replace your windshield no matter the make or model of the vehicle. By calling our technicians you are guaranteeing your vehicle will have a new, strong, and shiny windshield in a matter of hours. We install high-quality glass in all of our client's vehicles and yours is no exception.

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