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Here at Gilbert Windshield Repair, you are in the hands of seasoned professionals. Our team has over 20-years of experience and we have no plans on slowing down! As a professional team, we offer the lowest cash prices and an incredible warranty. We want to take care of our clients and their wallets. Don't wait to repair your windshield, call us now, and learn more about all of our services.



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    When to Seek Professional


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    Our windshields are exposed to much more than we see! More than just rain, snow, sunshine, hail, and fog hit the glass of our vehicles. Our glass windshields can experience substantial damage and if it is left to grow it can eventually become irreparable. Don't miss the signs your auto glass is showing you! Get repairs in a timely fashion to avoid a complete replacement. Look for these signs when trying to determine if a professional call to our team is a good idea:

    • Cracked or small shatters. Don't let these things grow! Once the cracks or deep shatters grow and pass from the outside of your glass into the inside portion, a repair is no longer an option. A small rock on the highway can cause this kind of damage and it doesn't mean you were doing anything wrong! This just happens, but you cannot ignore it.
    • A white haze around the edges of your windshield. If you notice any haze in the corners of your windshield it is important that you call our team immediately. These findings can mean your windshield could cause serious harm to you or your passengers.
    • The crack or chip is bothering your vision. If you're driving and you periodically notice your attention on the small crack, it is time for a repair. Taking your attention away from the task at hand can be very dangerous for people on the road and the passengers in your car.
    • A crack is beginning to grow. We understand, sometimes we get busy and put things on the back burner, but if a crack seems to be larger than the last time you noticed it then you need to call us sooner rather than later.
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    Save Money

    The most common response we get to our question, "why did you wait so long?" is our clients wanted to save money. When you wait to repair a windshield, you do the opposite of saving money. When you wait, a small crack becomes a very big problem that will require a complete windshield replacement. A small repair is quick and highly affordable, especially when compared to a replacement, so call us sooner rather than later.

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    Repairs Are Faster

    It might seem like an obvious note to take; however, it is important to remember that if you don't have time for a repair, you certainly don't have time for a complete auto glass replacement. It is much easier and much quicker with our professionals to simply have us repair a small issue.

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    Preserve Integrity

    When your windshield cracks or chips in any way, the countdown starts for a replacement until you have the issue repaired. When we repair small issues, our professionals are restoring the integrity of your glass and preserving its original strength and beauty. We will fill in the gaps and holes in your glass to make it just as safe and just as smooth as its original feel. Don't wait, we make it easy to just call.

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    Having your windshield repaired rather than replaced is an eco-friendly decision! Don't create more waste by having your windshield replaced when you can reuse the same windshield you have by letting our professionals repair it. Windshield glass is non-recyclable, so just call when an issue occurs and do our planet a favor!

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    Safety First

    Don't let cracks or chips go simply because you don't want to repair them. It is dangerous and will be an expensive mistake if the glass shatters while you're driving, or you have a ticket issued for a large crack. Ignoring issues weakens glass and makes it much more susceptible to breaks that can cause serious bodily harm and auto accidents.

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