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Gilbert, AZ Windshield Repair and Replacement

The highest priority for our company is to ensure our customers are safe and secure on our roads. This means we take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do and how we serve you. Our 25+ years in the auto glass industry has given us a lot of time to perfect and build a highly professional and reliable business. The more than two decades of work in this space has also given us immeasurable experience in solving thousands of auto-glass problems.

We don't take this work lightly. Our goal from the very beginning is to give our customers the highest quality glass and materials and the best possible pricing. We have worked with manufacturers who have come and gone, and now, only work with the most respected companies. This is an important factor in getting you high-quality work. Our service could be A+, but if the materials are of poor quality, it won't matter how well we do our jobs. So, we have perfected our partnerships right alongside with the installers we hire. It's not easy to be a leader in this industry, but we have jumped through all the hoops to do so. We are licensed and insured and offer 100% labor warranties for peace of mind.

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In-House Staff

Your superior customer experience will begin the moment you give us a call. Our staff is adept at learning about your problems and getting you set up with the right service and length of appointment. This allows you to plan the rest of your day without hiccups. From there, our installers will connect with you at your appointment time and confirm your project. Our staff will always make sure they dispatch teams who are prepared for your appointment the first time. The service starts when our phone rings.

Handling the Details

There are several details needed to ensure you get the best auto glass service. This includes making sure we get the right glass. Seems basic, right? You might be surprised to know how many auto glass companies show up with the wrong glass for your car. We will also ask for your insurance company information. We are always happy to report back when your insurance company has decided to foot the whole or even part of your auto glass repairs. We also learn about how we can make this repair easier for you. Can we send a mobile team to do your repair if your super busy or have scheduling conflicts?

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Superior Craftsmanship

Bottomline, we hire the best. From those who answer the phone to those who do the installations, we hire true professionals. Auto glass can be tricky and can't be done by just anyone. Our crews are well trained and excellent troubleshooters. When you hire Gilbert Windshield, we want you to know you're hiring the best in the business.

Have Questions?

We love questions and welcome them via phone or messages. Let's get started on your auto glass project, no matter what kind of vehicle you're driving. We work on them all. We will talk to you soon!

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