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We are thrilled you have stumbled onto our page, and we hope to become your auto glass specialist here in Mesa, Arizona. We have been in this industry for years getting to know materials, products, services, and our customer's needs. We are confident in saying we are experts in this field, and we are always learning and perfecting our craft while keeping up to date on all the industry advancements. We serve the greater Mesa area with complete auto glass needs and, more specifically, rear window auto glass.

We are going to discuss below how this glass differs from the other windows in your car, but we first want to share a few key details. Our services are mobile, so we come ready to do the work at your location. This allows our customers to tend to their everyday lives at home and work. We walk you through the entire process and can even work with your insurance company to see how you are covered for your repair or replacement. If you have questions along the way while you learn about our services, please feel free to contact us today so we can get those answered for you.



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    Replacing Your Rear back Window

    Why it Should Be a Priority

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    There are unlimited scenarios to a broken rear window. We have seen it all. From road debris to vandalism, or even a backend collision. We suggest that a broken back window should be a priority as leaving it in disrepair can lead to other issues. First, the damage can get worse making it a hazard to you and your passengers. Second, you could start seeing leaks, dust, debris, and pests trying to make their way into your vehicle. Third, when this glass is broken you're sending out a signal that your car is less secure and that can welcome robberies that no one wants.

    If you have been doing any kind of research, you will likely notice that your rear window is priced very differently than your windshield. There are various reasons for this, and it comes down to safety and security. Let's take a look at three specific reasons why your back glass is different.

    Rear Window Glass is Made Differently

    Your windshield is made of laminated glass. When this glass breaks it is designed to shatter less, so it doesn't injure passengers from a front forward-facing accident. This helps eliminate the flying glass to hit you or others in the face causing severe injury. Laminated glass is built in layers, which is why it can perform in this manner. In contrast, your back glass is tempered. Tempered glass is designed to break down into small pieces to prevent glass-related injuries from a rear or side impact perspective. The motion of your car has a lot to do with how the glass performs, and why it's built or designed the way it is. This is just one reason why your windshield and rear window glass are priced differently.

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    More Installation Preparation

    Now that you understand how the glass is crafted differently, you might conclude that the preparation for rear glass might be more work. You would be correct. Since the back glass is designed to break down into tiny pieces, clean up is far more challenging. Laminated glass is often removed in large pieces or in one section. The backglass has to be vacuumed and picked up piece by piece. If you've ever cleaned up glass at home, just think of careful you are in trying to get it all up. The same is said for your car. To get the rear window to adhere and seal correctly, we also need to make sure all the chards are cleaning up around the window opening as well. You will be in good hands with our technicians.

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    Rear Windows Have Special Details

    Most back windows have a few different specialty characteristics to them. First, they usually have a defrost wiring system in place to help your window clear up in fluctuating weather. These wires connect to your car's system when you turn on the button for your rear defrost. Second, there are usually curves to your rear glass that might differ from your windshield. Some rear windows bubble out a bit at the corners, and others are made on different verticle, horizontal, or diagonal lines. Your rear glass is highly specific to your car's make, model, and year. We work hand in hand with our manufacturers to find you the best quality glass for the best price.

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    Additional Auto Glass Services

    We are a full-service auto glass company, and we wouldn't want to forget to share those services with you as well. You now know that we can handle your rear back glass, but we can also tackle your windshield. We do repairs and replacements right from our mobile units. If you have broken cabin glass, say your driver or passenger doors, we can also replace this glass and ensure your power windows are working properly. For our SUV customers, we can tackle any quarter panel or vent glass projects. We also handle sunroof and moonroof windows if you find they are broken or damaged. If you're in the market for new window tint we also have you covered. Finally, for those with newer model vehicles who need recalibration services, we would be happy to do these tests for you, so your onboard alert systems function properly.

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    Our Company and People

    We are a customer-centric company that aims to exceed expectations. Auto glass might not seem like a very complex industry on the outside, but it can be rather detailed actually. We need to be up to date on our standards, certifications, and training so we can give our customers the peace of mind they need in our services. We are licensed and insured, and we have excellent partnerships with our product providers and manufacturers. If you have any questions about our services or coverage areas, we invite you to connect with us today. We would be happy to walk your through any of those things, and we have a great office staff ready to assist.

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