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    Did you walk outside just to find that your windshield has a large chip or crack? Are you left wondering where to turn for help with repairs or what it will cost to have your glass serviced? It can be stressful to realize that your car has glass damage but our team works to make sure the process to have the windshield repaired is simple and stress-free. We work to make the appointment scheduling process easy and quick, so you won’t have to wait a long period of time to get back on the road. Our team provides free estimates to our new and existing clients, so you can feel confident knowing the final price will fit within your budget.

    When searching for an auto glass repair company, it’s important to be sure the team is reputable. Be sure to check reviews and ensure that the company holds the proper licensing and insurance required in your state. For drivers local to the Gilbert, Arizona area, consider contacting the team of highly skilled auto glass professionals at GlassPass Windshield Repair.


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    You Should Never Drive With Damaged Auto Glass

    Many drivers are unaware of how important windshields and auto glass are to our overall safety while on the road. During an accident, the windshield glass works to provide important structural stability to the vehicle which helps to prevent serious situations like a collapsed roof or failed airbag deployment. These scenarios can lead to serious injuries during a front-end impact or rollover accident. The only way to ensure that you and your passengers are safe while on the road is to have any windshield damage looked at by a licensed professional and to complete the repairs as soon as possible. Our team works to provide fast scheduling of appointments, so you can get back on the road in just a short amount of time.

    Learn About Our Auto Glass Services

    Windshield Repairs and Replacements in Gilbert, AZ


    You can read below to learn more about the different auto glass repair services we offer and why you should choose our company to help get you back on the road.


    It is crucial that you contact an auto repair shop as soon as you notice damage to your front windshield. You should never drive a car that has glass damage because it can put you and your passengers’ safety at risk. If your windshield glass is chipped or cracked, it can affect important systems in your car such as airbag deployment, lane assist, and automatic braking. When the sensors for these systems receive incorrect information, it can lead to a serious accident or bodily injury. Be sure to have any damage to your windshield repaired as soon as possible.


    Your rear windows are just as important as the front windshield, as this provides the driver with a clear view of the road behind them. This is important not only for your overall safety and ability to drive, damaged glass can also cause issues with important systems like the rear defrost or backup cameras. Our team has all of the knowledge and tools necessary to repair rear window glass while ensuring all of the sensors and heating elements are fully functional.


    If the damage to your windshield is severe or has shattered through layers of the material, replacement may be the most cost-effective option to get you back on the road. If the cracks or chips on the glass are large or have caused the material to completely shatter, the different repair options will not provide the structural stability and strength needed to ensure your safety. It’s important to avoid DIY kits for chips or cracks, as these can often lead to more damage in the future that can end up costing you more overall.


    Moonroof and Sunroof


    Many vehicles are equipped with accessories like a moonroof or sunroof that add additional light and ventilation to a car. It’s common for the roof glass or mechanical components of these accessories to become damaged from falling tree limbs, debris, or even severe weather events. Damage to the glass will not only make the sun or moonroof unusable, but it can also lead to water damage on the interior of your car or pose a security risk. Contact us today and we can provide you with a free no-obligation estimate on our sunroof and moonroof services.


    Quarter Panels


    These types of repairs are most common on vehicles like SUVs and vans, though they can occur with any make or model. Quarter panels are smaller pieces of glass that can often be in unique shapes or sizes, which is why they require an auto glass expert for installation. You can trust our team here at GlassPass Windshield Repair to provide flawless quarter panel repairs or replacements. We have incredible attention to detail and years of experience repairing this type of glass.


    Our window tinting services are suited for all drivers and vehicles, not just those suffering from damaged glass! We are happy to service all vehicles whether they have a pre-existing tint they need matched or want to start with a completely new installation. Our company is committed to using only the highest quality materials available to the Phoenix area, which is why our final tint projects are seamless and guaranteed to match existing colors perfectly. We are happy to provide estimates on our tinting services to both our new and existing clients, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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    Specialty Glass


    We take pride in working with some of the most renowned and top-rated manufacturers in the Phoenix area. This allows us to service vehicles with specialty glass, as many other shops are unable to obtain such unique materials. Whether you have a classic, older style vehicle or have a model car with a completely uncommon glass style or size, we will work to obtain the materials you need at a fast rate. If you are looking for repairs or replacements for your specialty glass, contact one of our team members today for a free quote on services.


    Many drivers are unfamiliar with recalibration services, as they just started being more popular in recent years. Recalibration services are designed to work with the high-tech elements of your car, such as automatic driving, lane assist, or pedestrian braking, that require information from different sensors to function correctly. If your windshield is not properly recalibrated after repairs or replacement, it can lead to dangerous scenarios where your tech systems receive incorrect information. This can have tragic consequences, which is why you should have your glass serviced by a licensed professional.


    Mobile Glass Services


    When your windshield is damaged, it can be such a challenge to find time in your busy schedule to take the car into the shop and wait around for the repairs to be finished. Many drivers will put off having repairs completed due to this fact, which can have dangerous consequences. Our company provides affordable and convenient mobile glass repair services, with technicians that travel right to your location to complete the job. Most types of repairs can be completed by our mobile technicians on-site, so you can worry about your daily functions and we can handle the stressful parts of the repair process.


    Top-Rated Manufacturers


    Our goal is to work with top-rated manufacturers so that you receive only the best quality of glass and supporting materials. We have countless clients in the Gilbert, Arizona area who choose to utilize our services multiple times due to the reliability of our materials. You won’t have to pay high prices to receive a strong and durable windshield, we strive to make all of our services and materials affordable for all budgets. If you have questions regarding the materials we offer or costs for services, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

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    Our team here at GlassPass Windshield Repair strives to make the windshield repair process simple and hassle-free. We can provide both on-site and mobile repairs t

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      Our years of experience have provided us with important safety knowledge, so we will make sure your glass is secure and that you are safe on the road.


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