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Does your car door window need to be replaced? Our team has been servicing clients and their vehicles for over 20-years with an impeccable track record. We are highly skilled, trained, and motivated to provide the most affordable, quick, and reliable services. We set out to provide our clients with low cash prices, quick results, and reliable results. For more information about all of our services, call our customer service team to learn more.



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    Benefits of Hiring


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    DIY projects are fun, exciting, and can bring people together to work towards a common goal; however, changing vehicle glass should not be one of those at home projects. Repairing or replacing vehicle windows and windshields need to be performed start to finish by highly skilled professionals. So, why should a professional team be called in?

    • Save money with our team. Replacing car windows is already daunting and more expensive than a small repair! Don't risk a mistake, call the professionals, and save money on mistakes.
    • We guarantee the job is done. When you do it yourself, you can only go as far as your own expertise and knowledge will let you. When you hire us, you won't have an accidental mistake because we will ensure our final product is perfect.
    • Warranty! Our company offers a strong lifetime warranty on our work. We will take care of your vehicle from beginning to end of our replacement.
    • Safety is important. Lack of experience in vehicle glass replacement can result in shattered glass. Professionals ensure that your glass removal and installation is safe during and after the process has been completed.
    • Expertise. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to ensure your final glass window is long-lasting, strong, and reliable.
    Cracks, Chips, and Scratches

    Calling the professionals means your car door window glass will be replaced appropriately. These are signs that mean it is time for your window to be replaced and they are signs you need to call our team at Gilbert Windshield Repair. You have to be able to look out all of the windows in your vehicle without inhibition to drive safely. Call our team to get your glass replaced quickly.

    Vehicle Inspections

    That is right! Whenever you have an upcoming vehicle inspection, replacing any glass that would otherwise fail your inspection is highly recommended. If your vision is impaired, your vehicle will fail the inspection! We will replace your car window with a strong, clear, and safe glass.

    auto window replacement
    Weather Changes Your Glass

    Cold winters, hail, winds, and strong winds can cause serious damages that require professional intervention. Have your glass professionally replaced after extreme seasons of weather and don't wait. Having your glass replaced ensures the safety of yourself and others on the road. Our techniques and processes are meticulous because we want our replacements to last.

    auto window replacement
    Missing Glass

    This is a much more obvious sign but if a piece of your glass is missing it is time for a professional replacement. The integrity of your vehicle and the safety of your belongings is risked if the glass is missing. Replacement is inevitable when the glass is missing but further vehicle damages are. We offer a lifetime warranty with our services, meaning, you have no reason to wait to call us!

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    Previous Installation Mishaps

    If you've recently had a replacement that was done incorrectly or simply didn't work, it can be difficult to trust another company to repair someone else's mistakes. Our two decades of experience and impeccable reputation should wipe away your worries. We will ensure our final installation is there to stay with zero issues.

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