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The process of finding a reputable auto glass shop can feel like throwing a dart on a map. All you can hope is that you find one that does quality work and uses top quality materials. We work relentlessly to show our customers they are working with the best auto glass shop in Gilbert. We treat them well and listen while tending to their repairs. We work on windshields, rear back windows, roof glass, and side door or quarter panel auto glass. Below you'll learn more about side window repairs and replacements. You'll also learn a little more about our business and why Gilbert residents choose to work with us. If you have any questions along the way, please connect with us and let us know how we can help.



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    Side Door Windows

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    Ignoring a broken window in your car can be dangerous or risky. While it might not seem like a big deal, these windows are more vulnerable to more damages or injuries. Here are some factors to consider:
    Cracks or shatters become visibility problems. Not only do they obstruct your vision on the road, but it also interferes with seeing other cars or pedestrians. Also, if the light from headlights or sunlight hits those cracks, it can have a blinding effect on the driver.
    Compromised windows also invite the eyes and motives of criminals who see your vehicle as an easy target. These windows break out easier and do so with less force. Not only will you now be dealing with a broken window, but also insurance claims.
    Air pressure changes might make existing cracks worse. If all the windows are up and the back hatch is slammed shut, a cracked window might get worse. Similarly, if you hit a pothole or a speed bump too fast, you might also see more damages.
    Side windows need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid some of these problems. Some cracks are repairable. We often just replace this glass, however, since repairs tend to be more temporary fixes. We don't want you to drive around Gilbert with broken auto glass. Give us a call so we can get working on the problem as soon as possible.

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    Driver and Passenger Side Windows

    Your main visual points are your windshield, and passenger and side windows. Without these, you're blind to the world around you. Whether your auto glass was damaged in an accident, a stray baseball, or an attempted robbery, we can help. We have expert installers who can address your door glass with tons of experience and skills. We use the best auto glass in the industry and pay attention to all the details of your repair. This includes how your windows function, like power features that might have also been damaged. Our teams know how to fix these kinds of problems and come with the right mechanisms to make that fix possible.

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    Back Quarter Panel Glass

    If you drive an SUV, crew cab truck, or van, you likely have quarter panel glass. These windows tend to be subject to accident damages, weather debris, or potential break-ins. This glass tends to be unique due to the shape and tint of the glass. That means it can be tougher to find. Luckily, our manufacturers have access to various makes and models of auto glass. These windows might also have some structural features for your vehicle, which means you should make every attempt you can to have it fixed quickly. There is no need to leave your car, truck, or SUV in a compromised position. If you are concerned about cost, we can help. We have access to resources to get you the best price, and we can work with your insurance provider if need be.

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    Vent Windows

    Many vehicles have what is called "vent" glass. Sometimes this glass functions and lets air vent in or out of the car. But today, most vent glass is fixed and can be damaged in various ways. Some of these windows are long rectangular structures. Other times they are smaller triangles found in the corners of passenger and driver side doors. Just like any window in your car, these should be repaired as soon as possible. Classic cars often have these small windows which function on a pivot point. When broken, not only are these windows unable to work, but they are also a security risk. Sometimes this glass is tougher to find, especially on vintage vehicles. We have access to the best manufacturers, and we invite you to check with us to have these windows repaired.

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    Our Company

    Our mission is to help keep our neighbors' cars in tip top shape. We know auto glass because we have been in the industry for over two decades. Over the years, we have built partnerships and collected the best people in the business. Our teams are filled with experts and professionals who troubleshoot and handle all kinds of auto glass challenges. They do this work in-house but are also ready to do onsite repairs for those who have tight schedules. Our mobile units can meet you at work or at home to ensure your repair gets done, no matter where you are. Our staff works with insurance providers to see if the repairs are covered. Another reason people work with us; we are licensed and insured and offer a 100% labor warranty on our work.

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    Our Suppliers

    We urge our clients to work with auto glass shops that have good connections with manufacturers and suppliers. After years of establishing these partnerships, we are confident in who we choose to work with. They have excellent track records, and all their materials adhere to auto industry standards. We also sought partners with good price points so we could pass those savings on to our customers. Our partnerships and materials have to be top-quality to meet our expectations. We hope that all of these painstaking steps gives you more confidence in hiring us for your auto glass repair.

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