Casa Grande

Casa Grande is a rural town situated along the far southern edge of the Phoenix metro area. The city has over 55,000 residents and many people visit Casa Grande because here you can escape the city for a nice and relaxing weekend getaway. Casa Grande is home to several notable golf courses and a downtown area with 40 buildings listed in national and local historic registers.

The mining boom in Arizona during the 1800s led to the establishment of Casa Grande as a town. Thompson Rodney Peart was one of the founders of Casa Grande and there are several buildings and structures in the area that are named after him. The town was officially incorporated in 1915.

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Living in Casa Grande

Casa Grande is a family-friendly rural town where anyone can settle down and create
meaningful connections to their community. The city is fairly quiet and rarely experiences any crime. It’s also geographically situated in between Tucson and Phoenix, providing residents with easy access to the two cities. Casa Grande is ranked among the top-5 most diverse suburbs in the entire state, and over 64% of residents are homeowners. The cost of living in Casa Grande is 9% lower than the rest of Arizona and the city offers plenty of affordable housing options. Casa Grande is also currently experiencing positive job growth and the population has increased by about 22% since 2010.

Geo-Coordinates of Casa Grande

Lat: 32.8795
Long: -111.75735

Things to do in Casa Grande

Casa Grande offers residents and out-of-towners the ideal environment to enjoy some nice weather and several unique attractions. This includes the Pinal County Fairgrounds and Event Center which is where many popular events take place every year. Here you can also learn more about the cultural heritage of the area through workshops and educational events. Another fun place that you can visit with your entire family is the popular Caywood Farms. The farm provides you with an inside look at the production process through educational tours and demonstrations. They also offer other fun and memorable experiences, including hayrides, corn trails, face paintings, barbecue, and pumpkin carving. If you’re an avid golfer, then you are also in luck. Casa Grande is home to the Francisco Grande Golf Course which attracts visitors from all of the region. The historic golf course is over 7,400 yards in size and it features several amazing amenities. The dining options in Casa Grande are also highly acclaimed. The Cabo's Restaurant and Lounge serves up several American favorites, including ribs, Monterey chicken, and Cajun chicken pasta.

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