Chandler is a sizable suburban community located about 23 miles southeast of downtown Phoenix. The city has a population exceeding 254,000 people and it’s among some of the fastest-growing communities in the region. Residents of the area are known as “Chandlerites.”

Several notable tech companies have offices in Chandler, including Intel and Orbital Sciences, and the city is home to the super-popular Ostrich Festival. Chandler is also the fourth-largest city in Arizona and several famous people are from the area, including rapper and actor Ice-T. Chandler was originally incorporated as a city back in 1920.

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Living in Chandler

What’s it like to live in Chandler? It offers an amazing quality of life to all of its residents no matter your demographic. Chandler is known as one of the hardest workers communities in the United States because the area has a thriving economy. Some of the top employers include Amkor Technology and Arion Care Solutions which both offer high-paying salaries to its employees. The population in Chandler has grown considerably in the past decade and the median household income is a whopping $81,000. Chandler also provides its residents with access to some of the top-performing school districts in the nation, and the city has plenty of affordable housing options. Chandler also offers a stellar public transportation system, which includes the Valley Metro Bus service. The bus will shuttle you through many different remote areas of town and into the greater Phoenix metro area.

Geo-Coordinates of Chandler

Lat: 33.307575
Long: -111.844940

Things to do in Chandler

Chandler is overflowing with fun and exciting attractions that are suitable for the entire family. This includes the Chandler Center for the Arts, which features a 1,500-foot theater where several award-winning performances take place. The center also showcases numerous exhibits and displays from local and regional artists. Have you ever wanted to go on a horse riding adventure? The Koli Equestrian Center will gladly take you on a guided excursion through several beautiful landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Chandler is also home to the Environmental Education Center where they offer a wide range of educational programming. This encompasses different aspects of nature, wildlife, natural sciences, health, fitness, and outdoorsmanship. The center is based in Veterans Oasis Park which is a 113-acre park that where you can enjoy and marvel at the beautiful landscapes of the Sonoran Desert. Another great way to spend the day with your family is by visiting the Tumbleweed Recreation Center. Here you will find a variety of sports facilities and recreational areas. The center features an indoor running track, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, two racquetball courts, and several exercising/dancing studios.

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