El Mirage

El Mirage is a modestly-populated suburb of Phoenix situated along the northwestern edge of the metro area near Lake Pleasant Regional Park. The city is currently growing and expanding at a rate that no one previously thought was possible. As recently as 1990, there were only 5,000 people living in the area, and since then the population has increased by about 700%.

El Mirage was originally an agricultural community but over the years it has evolved into a modern municipal setting. The earliest inhabitants of the area were the Hohokam – a Native American community who were skilled irrigation farmers. They were known as the “Canal Builders.” The town of El Mirage was officially incorporated in 1951.

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Living in El Mirage

El Mirage currently has an economy that is working in overdrive. The retail industry is largely responsible for the current economic boom, generating tax revenues, creating jobs, and drawing new visitors and residents. Some of the newer retailers in the area include Valero, AutoZone, and Goodwill Industries. Overall, El Mirage is a family-friendly community that provides its residents with access to a plethora of municipal services and amenities. El Mirage also has plenty of affordable housing options and, during the winter months, the weather is always pleasant. Every year the median household income increases dramatically and the home appreciation rate is up 9.6% in the past 12 months – so now is the time to buy!

Geo-Coordinates of El Mirage:

Lat: 33.6053
Long: -112.3215

Things to do in El Mirage

El Mirage is one of the largest retirement communities in the region and it’s conveniently located near several public parks and local attractions. Not far up the road is the Pioneer Living History Museum where you will get to experience and learn about the region’s unique history. The museum sits on a 100-acre plot of land and it originally opened during the 1950s when the locals began to notice that many of the town’s historic buildings were being demolished. Also, not far away from El Mirage is the Thunderbird Conservation which is over 1,200 acres in size. Here you can explore the varying desert environments of central Arizona and go on an adventure through a superb mix of urban and rural scenery. Also, in nearby Glendale, you can visit the widely popular Westgate Entertainment District which offers one of the most prolific shopping experiences you will find throughout the entire region. The district also features plenty of open-air dining options as well as a large courtyard where you can relax, enjoy your food, and listen to live music.

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