Gilbert Windshield Calibration 101: A Simple Explanation

Windshield Calibration Is An Important Service

Drivers in Gilbert, Arizona are familiar with standard auto maintenance like oil changes and new spark plugs but many are unsure what exactly a window calibration is and when a vehicle needs the service. To put it simply, a windshield calibration uses all of the safety mechanisms in the car and tests them to ensure they are aligned and functioning precisely. When a camera or sensor is off by just a few inches, it can lead to your car not auto-braking for a possible collision or your lane assist telling you it’s okay to switch lanes when there is something in your path. This can be avoided by having the windshield on your car calibrated after any glass repairs or mechanical repairs like the wheel alignment. This is one service that should never be procrastinated or put off due to cost or schedule because calibration tests work to ensure you are as safe as possible while behind the wheel.

When You Should Have Your Windshield Calibrated

Now that you have a better understanding of what a windshield calibration is, we can discuss when a vehicle should receive this service. On average, the most common occurrences for windshield calibration in Gilbert are damaged glass that needs repairs, severely damaged glass that needs a complete replacement, alignment repairs, suspension service, or even if you have had problems with the cameras or sensors of the vehicle. If you have your windshield assessed and calibrated if needed during any of these scenarios, you are being proactive and taking the necessary steps to be sure you and your passengers are safe.

Consider Insurance Coverage

While not every insurance company provides windshield calibration under glass recovery services, more and more are starting to add this service to the policies. You can check the status of your current coverages by referring to your policy documents or contacting your insurance representative directly. If you choose Gilbert Windshield for your calibration service, the friendly glass experts can determine your insurance coverage and help start the process for you. The company has years of experience and always provides free quotes on services for clients’ peace of mind!

Windshield Calibration Works To Keep You Safe

Overall, windshield calibration is one of the most important service tests your vehicle will have because the entire function of the ADAS is to keep people safe. Without new-age luxuries like lane assist for those pesky blind spots and park assist for frustrating parallel parking spots, we are at risk of being in an accident from dangerous blind spots or just overall back luck. You can work to minimize your risk of injury by having all routine maintenance on your vehicle completely promptly, including any glass services. The weather and traffic in Gilbert are stressful enough, don’t let issues with your vehicle add more to your busy days.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s important that drivers realize that windshield calibration is extremely important and without the service, we would be at an increased risk of accidents due to data misinterpretation by cameras or sensors. The best way to ensure your car is safe on the road and that each element will function properly in the case of impact, have all routine maintenance including calibration services completed in a timely manner. For customers in the Gilbert, Arizona area, Gilbert Windshield is the number one provider of quality glass services. They always provide a free estimate so clients can feel comfortable choosing their experts for the job.

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