Surprise is a moderately-populated suburb located 40 minutes away from downtown Phoenix along the northwestern edge of the metro area. Surprise is currently one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Arizona and it’s bordered by the White Tank Mountains. The city is also home to several highly-anticipated festivals and special events, including Surprise Fine Art & Wine Festival.

Surprise is a popular destination for tourism and recreation, and the city is home to several prominent art galleries. Surprise was originally an agricultural settlement before transforming into a sprawling suburban city. Surprise got its name after its founder, Flora Mae Statler, said she would be “surprised if the town ever amounted to much.” Talk about low expectations!

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Living in Surprise

Surprise is a great place to buy your first home. Why? Property taxes are practically non-existent in Surprise, which is why over 75% of residents are also homeowners. The area also has several top-notch senior living communities, making Surprise an ideal place to retire. The city has a higher median income than most of Arizona, and the costs of groceries, monthly mortgages, and healthcare are substantially lower here. Surprise is a hotspot for tourism and outdoor activities. The White Tank Mountains and Lake Pleasant Regional Park are also both within driving range. Surprise offers plenty of excellent options when it comes to grade school services and higher education.

Geo-Coordinates of Surprise:

Lat: 33.6292337
Long: -112.3679279

Things to do in Surprise

If you are a sports enthusiast, then Surprise is the place to be. The Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex is an expansive facility that features two courts for racquetball, a 2,500-seat center arena, and twenty-five tennis courts. Tennis players of varying skill sets travel to the complex to train and improve their game. Also, the Surprise Stadium is a fairly new addition to the city and it’s where the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Ranger train during the Cactus League. The stadium was recently awarded the “Best Place to Watch a Spring Training Game'' and it’s home to several college, high school, and little league sports tournaments. Also, since it's always hot outside in Arizona, a great place to visit with your family is the Surprise Aquatic Center. It features an outdoor area for swimming complete with water slides, a vortex whirlpool, and diving boards. The staff here is very accommodating and there are always plenty of lifeguards on duty. Another popular attraction in the area is the Wildlife World Zoo Litchfield Park. The zoo is home to more than 3000 fascinating animals including several exotic species, such as African Warthogs and Olive Baboons.

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