Tempe is located only ten miles away from downtown Arizona and the moderately-sized city has a population of over 185,000 people. Tempe is home to Arizona State University, which is one of the largest college campuses in terms of enrollment (over 70,000 students currently attend ASU).

On multiple occasions, Tempe was voted “Best Overall Sister City Program” which recognizes municipalities for their accomplishments and community initiatives. Tempe was also at one point the location for US Airways’ corporate headquarters. Tempe is home to several major performing arts venues, and every year the city hosts one of the largest New Year's Eve parties in the nation.

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Living in Tempe

Tempe is one of the more popular suburbs in Phoenix for its convenient location and vibrant nightlife. Although many students and young professionals move to Tempe to attend Arizona State, the city offers many amenities and municipal services. In Tempe, you will find museums, eateries, breweries, parks, malls, sporting venues, big-name corporate headquarters, and performing arts centers. The housing market in Tempe is currently experiencing a major boom as there are plenty of affordable homes in the area. The economy in Tempe is also thriving and it’s one of the few cities in the country where there are more job opportunities than there are residents. Unemployment in Tempe is also at its lowest it’s ever been and the city also has an amazing public transportation system.

Geo-Coordinates of Tempe

Lat: 33.4255104
Long: -111.9400054

Things to do in Tempe

Tempe is an eccentric city with a lot of personality. It’s not only home to Arizona State University, but the city also features several other fun and adventurous attractions. This includes a downtown area where there are plenty of bars, entertainment venues, microbreweries, restaurants, shops, and boutiques. Many people also travel from all over the region to Tempe for its nightlife. Throughout the year there are several festivals and special events that take place in the downtown area which also attract plenty of vacationers and out-of-towners. Another great place to visit is the Arizona State University Art Museum. Here you will discover some of the most breathtaking works of contemporary art. The museum boasts of a permanent collection of over 12,000 unique items from local and regional artists. But perhaps you want to go on an outdoor adventure instead. Well, look no further than the Hayden Butte Preserve. It’s a famous local landmark that stands at over 1,400 feet high and offers you an amazing view of the city. The preserve also contains hundreds of rock carvings made by Native Americans between 750 AD and 1450 AD.

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