Mirror Replacement: All You Need To Know

Having a side mirror makes a huge difference when it comes to your safety and the safety of other drivers. When the mirror becomes significantly damaged, then you need to replace it immediately. The last thing that you want to happen is to remain partially blind while you are driving out on the road, so a replacement service greatly benefits you.

It is also worth mentioning that it is illegal in several states to drive with a broken mirror, so you will want to replace it quickly and avoid paying any citations or fees. Also, just because your mirror isn’t broken, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace it. In many circumstances, your mirror will begin to wear out and not be as effective as it was before. This may not constitute an emergency replacement, but you should strongly consider installing a new mirror before things get any worse.

The Replacement Process

Mirror replacements are a fairly straightforward process, but some mirror utilizes electrical wiring to move and make adjustments, so sometimes you will need to be careful when performing any replacements. With older mirrors, you remove it from the socket with a wrench and then you replace it with a new one the same way.

Some mirror replacements entail that carefully integrate it with the components of the vehicle. In some cases, your car doors may need to be removed so that a technician can properly install your mirror. In situations like these, we recommend that you hire a professional to perform the replacement.

Depending on the make and model of your car, some special tools made be required to perform any replacements. For example, in some mirror replacements, you will need to remove your door panel, and for this, you will need to use a trim handle removal tool. 

An Affordable Approach to Mirror Replacements

You will save a lot of money by purchasing the parts and replacing your mirrors on your own, but you will need to research and learn how to perform any replacements on your own. Even if you have a mechanic replace your mirror, you will most certainly save money by acquiring the parts on your own. You also want to be sure that you obtain the right mirror according to the make and model of your car.

We also recommend that you search around for a mechanic that will perform a mirror replacement for cheap. As long as you can obtain high-quality parts, then there should be no issues when it comes to your mirror replacement. 

Variations in Price

The price variations will also differ greatly depending on your mirror. Replacing a manual will not cost the same as replacing an automatic mirror. Another factor to consider is the extent of the damage; if the damage extends beyond your mirror, then you could end paying a lot more money to have everything fixed.

Damage to Your Mirror Base

Many times the damage is not isolated to your mirror and even extends to your mirror base. If this something that you need to address, then there are several factors that you need to consider. Toggle switches play a big role in how you adjust your mirror, and in many cases, they will need to be repaired when any damage occurs to the base of your side mirror.

Most electrically-powered side mirrors have a switch located near the driver’s door handle. Older vehicles have a one power and one manual mirror, so you must take these differences into account.

Built-In Lights

Newer side mirrors have lights built into them, and sometimes you will need to replace the build inside. These lights typically help increase your visibility to other drivers. They also provide greater lighting for the area under your vehicle. The lights are typically located behind the mirror, so you will need to dislodge the glass from the mirror sock in order to reach the bulbs.

Older Vehicles

With older vehicles, there can be difficulties in obtaining the parts for your mirror replacement. There are manufacturers out there that provide the parts you need for your mirror replacements, but with more unique models, the parts are harder to locate and produce. 

Folding Mirrors

Many newer cars also have side mirrors that fold inward, and the assemblies over the years have gotten a lot bigger. The idea behind the design was for vehicles to maneuver tight spaces without breaking the mirror. With many of these models, the mirror is retractable and shift into position by hand. You must know how your mirrors fold to replace them because the assemblage is unique with many different vehicles. 

Heated Glass

Many modern side mirrors have a heating mechanism installed in them to melt off any snow or ice. For people who live in colder climates, this is a feature that is ideal for driving freezing conditions. Behind the mirrors is a pinstriped grid with a small wire connected to it which is what heats up your mirror. With a damaged mirror, you may also need to replace the heating mechanism embedded behind it. 


There are a lot of things that you have to consider with any mirror replacement. Electrically powered mirrors entail a much different process than manually adjustable side mirrors. You must determine the exact assemblage of your mirror before replacing it, and you must also consider all the ways in which you can save money on a new installation. You can always order the parts yourself, which will save you money, but you should make sure ahead of time that your mechanic will not require you to order the parts through them. 

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