5 Ways Your Windshield is Crucial to Your Vehicle

Your windshield plays an important role in your vehicle, some of these roles are obvious, but others you might not be aware of. One of the reasons we stress having a windshield repaired or replaced when damaged; is because it’s directly tied to your safety inside your vehicle. In this article, we’re going to share the top five ways your windshield is crucial to the function of your car, truck, or SUV.

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Safety First – Windshields were not always a part of the automobile. In fact, looking back over decades of car manufacturing, the earliest vehicles never had a windshield. Can you imagine driving a Model T, wondering how many rocks or bugs were going to hit you in the face just to get to the bank? As you can probably guess, your windshield is there to protect you from the outdoor elements. We are far safer behind the wheel today and can travel at higher speeds simply because we have windshields. 

Air Bag Wing Man – Many drivers are surprised to learn that your windshield is a structural support system for your airbags on both the passenger and driver side of the car. If your windshield were to be installed incorrectly, you would be at risk for your airbags failing. The windshield keeps airbags within the vehicle cabin and acts as a barrier between you and the outside world. If your windshield is cracked or not installed correctly, your airbags will fail to deploy. They may blow outside of the vehicle, leaving you and everyone in your car vulnerable to serious injury. 

Energy Absorbance – Many of us have seen the impact or the result of an accident. There is a lot of energy transfer that suddenly stops in a collision. Your windshield is designed to absorb some of that energy to leave the occupants more protected inside. You see, windshield auto glass is laminated, which means it is taken through a process of layers that create barriers for you. There is a plastic layer that is squeezed between windshield glass pains to help keep the glass stay intact if you were to ever be in an accident. That lamination prevents the glass from busting into the vehicle and spraying the occupants with broken glass. 

A Barrier – As noted above, your windshield is a barrier between you and the outside world. Windshields are designed to keep occupants within the vehicle, so there is a better chance of survival in a major accident. This also prevents more injuries. In years past, when windshields weren’t made as they are today, people ejected from their cars during automobile accidents. This led to more deaths and far more injuries. So today, one of the main reasons your windshield exists is to keep you in your car if you were to ever be in a collision.

Roof Support – Finally, your windshield is the structural support for your roof. If your vehicle were to flip upside down, it could crush you and everyone in your car. Your windshield prevents this from happening, giving your car or SUV more structural strength to the upper part of the car frame. This is something that many drivers don’t consider when driving around with a broken windshield. Cracked windshields are compromised and may prevent the windshield from protecting you in an overturned vehicular accident. It’s not worth the risk, and by having this repair handled, it may just save your life. 

Something Else to Consider

Once your windshield has been repaired or replaced, you may need a windshield recalibration. This is becoming standard testing for new model vehicles. New vehicles have smart features that include things like front-end collision alerts, lane assist, pedestrian detection, and blind-spot alerts. When your windshield has been replaced but not recalibrated, these functions may not work properly. In fact, your airbag system may also be compromised. There are two different types of recalibration tests that are done on vehicles today, and we can help you with either one of those. 

Who knew that your windshield was such an important part of your driving experience. If you’re having problems with your auto glass or windshield, please give us a call today and connect with us. We would be happy to walk you through the repair process. We can also reach out to your auto insurance provider to see how your repair is covered. From there, we can send a mobile crew to your home or office and have your auto glass fixed pronto. Don’t put off this repair. There is just too much at risk inside your car. Let us make your safety is our top priority. 

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