4 Key Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To Replace Your Windshield

We’ve all had small cracks or chips in our windshield that don’t affect our line of sight and many are left wondering if it’s necessary to have your glass replaced or repaired. It may seem intimidating or like a complicated process but windshield replacements are surprisingly affordable and can often be completed by mobile technicians. If the damage is not extensive, your windshield may be able to be repaired instead of completely replaced. Reach out to one of our glass experts today so we can assess the damages and complete a plan for repairs. Keep reading below to learn why you shouldn’t procrastinate having your windshield replaced.

Damage Can Spread and Affect Visibility

Even if the damage on your windshield is just a small crack or chip, these issues can actually spread fast and can interfere with your vision. Many people are surprised to learn that extreme temperatures can cause any damage you have to spread quickly and without warning. This can be incredibly dangerous if it happens while you are behind the wheel and become unable to see the road clearly. A cracked or chipped windshield can also be a distraction while trying to focus on the road and can lead to an increased risk of accidents. If you only have a small amount of damage to the glass, it may be able to be repaired instead of completely replaced. The longer you wait to have the damage assessed, the risk of needing a complete replacement increases.

Avoid Tickets and Fines

Few people know that driving with a damaged windshield is a justifiable reason for the police to pull you over and in certain situations, they may even issue a ticket or fine! There are laws throughout the entire country that work to prevent drivers from operating a vehicle with glass damage. These laws were created because there was a pattern of drivers getting into car crashes with damaged glass and the results were often grimmer than similar accidents between cars with proper structural integrity. In some cases, the police officers may give you a grace period in which you must have the windshield fixed or face additional consequences. To avoid any run-ins with the law or having to pay for expensive tickets, have any windshield damage repaired promptly. In most cases, the cost of a new windshield and installation is lower than the fines issued by law enforcement professionals.


Chips or cracks in your front glass may seem minimal and it’s common for drivers to procrastinate having such a small issue repaired. Did you know that any damage to your glass can affect the structural integrity of your vehicle? This means that in the case of an accident, you and your passengers are at a greater risk of injuries due to airbags not deploying. When you have cracks or damage to your windshield glass, this can affect the sensors that are crucial to proper airbag function. Damage to the glass can also affect the integrity of your vehicle which can lead to a total roof collapse during an accident. Without stable glass for protection and no airbag deployment, you and your passengers are at risk of ejection. You want to be sure that you, your family, and other drivers on the road are as safe as possible. Take the necessary steps to ensure this by having any damage to your windshield, even small chips, assessed by a professional immediately after it occurs.

Glass Replacement is Convenient and Affordable

It’s not unusual for people to avoid glass replacement in fear that the total price will be astronomically high or that it will take days to complete. You can rest assured that having your glass repaired or replaced is actually quite affordable and in most cases, the work can be completed in just a few hours’ time. The days of having to leave your vehicle at the service garage for extended periods of time and struggling to secure a rental are over thanks to convenient mobile glass services. Our highly trained glass experts are able to replace your windshield no matter if you are at home, the office, or the park. Many insurance companies cover the cost of damaged glass, so your out of pocket expenses may be lower than you think. You can expect your total cost to be much lower than the fines issued by law enforcement for driving with damaged glass.

Even if the damage to your front windshield seems minimal, be sure to have it assessed by a glass professional promptly. When damage is caught quickly, it may be able to be repaired versus having a complete replacement done. Keep your loved ones and other drivers safe while you are on the road by having your damaged glass replaced quickly.

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